Brickblock review

Brickblock is a pioneering investment platform which provides users with an all-in-one solution to investing in REFs (real estate funds), ETFs (exchange-traded funds), CTFs (passive coin-traded funds and CMFs (active coin-managed funds).

All funds which are promoted via the Brickblock platform have their own denomination as well as their own PoA (Proof of Asset) token which is tradable using a multitude of established coin exchanges. This is not only easier than by conventional stock markets but it is also faster and a lot cheaper.

As the PoA token is asset-back, investors do not need to convert any digital currencies into fiat. The blockchain is built on the Ethereum network with smart contracts, so dividends and coupons are all self-executing.

Brickblock aims to protect all investors, large and small, through a variety of measures, notably:

  • Digital Trust Fund

To ensure safety of assets, a digital trust fund will be set up. The fund will be fully regulated and it will maintain a 1:1 token to share ratio.

  • Secure Accounts

There will be an account holding the ‘securities’ which cannot be touched by Brickblock, or any other party. This provides full protection even in the case of bankruptcy.

  • Due Diligence

Every investment opportunity will be analyzed by independent experts. Compliance checks will be conducted and the opportunity will be rated and ranked according to the risk factor involved.

  • Regulation Compliant

100% of the fund shares always remain liquid. These are available to the token holder at anytime if desired to reclaim. This is in-line with regulatory compliance laws and guidelines.


The features contained within Brickblock which are of benefit to the investor are:

  • No FX

Brickblock, through its Proof of Asset tokens, removes the need for conversion charges. This has been a major hindrance in the ability of crypto currencies to access the FIAT-based investments. Furthermore, geographical location is no longer an issue, nor is holding a bank account – the decentralized nature of the blockchain allows everyone to enter.

  • Independent Marketplace

Brickblock is completely transparent and independent. Its success relies on offering a top-quality, honest service. Therefore, every investment opportunity offered is carefully checked prior to being accepted.

  • Increased Dividends

Due to the low transactional costs which blockchains are known for, it means investors will get better value from their dividends than offered by more traditional means.

  • Low Entry Cost

Brickblock aims to serve micro-investors as much as the larger ones. This opens up the investment markets to a far greater number of people. Additionally, Brickblock provides wholesale prices – what you see is what you pay – there are no hidden banks charges to consider.

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