Bowhead Health review

The fundamental goal of the Bowhead Health project is to provide personal healthcare solutions and services which it will deliver through the technology it is currently developing.

It is utilizing the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) crowdfunding model as a means of raising capital to advance the project further. The benefit for investors (token holders) is a 30% revenue share when patient data is leased for medical/health research purposes.

Blockchain technology is being used because Bowhead believes the anonymity, security and portability provided by blockchains is a perfect match for patient data – which is highly sensitive and personal for all individuals.


There are a of number components to the Bowhead Health project:

  • Biometric Test Reader and Smart Dispenser

This gives the user the ability to conduct a biometric test wherever they are. The test reader, which is internet connected, monitors the health of the user(s) and provides them with healthcare advice. Based on the results, the Bowhead smart dispenser can dispense the correct type of nutritional supplements and/or medicine to match the user’s exact needs.

The blockchain enables safe, secure and anonymous storage of the user’s health data. The user/patient is always in control of the data with the use of smart contracts. It can be accessed at any time by the user and by those given authority to view it (by the user). Furthermore, this technology will help to create an ever-expanding knowledge bank of anonymized health information which is of great value to researchers.

  • Monetization through Data Leasing

The vast pool of medical and health-related data which will be curated is of particular interest to research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, both of which are willing to pay.

For example, a pharmaceutical company is developing a vitamin D booster product. It contacts Bowhead with specifications of the sample of people it requires (men and women aged between 21 – 26 with past or current vit-D deficiency in Asia). From the data in the blockchain, the users which match the specification will be contacted with details of the offer and asked if they would like to participate in the survey, trial or study.

Users which agree share their data, either one time or for an arranged period. For this they will be compensated by the pharmaceutical company. 70% of what the company pays is given to the participant and the other 30% goes to the token holders.

  • Bowhead Mobile App

This will be paired with the test reader to inform the user of testing results and offer professional advice. It will provide a thorough overview of the user’s health allowing them to be in greater control of their personal health issues.

The app will also notify users when supplements in the dispenser need replacing. It will offer alerts to the user to take a particular supplement or medication at a certain time. Additionally, research surveys will be passed through the app so it is easier for participants to complete the requests.

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