Bitrewards ICO Review

The opportunity to retain customers by having a loyalty reward program is an essential one, which most business operators especially retail and e-commerce ventures use as strategies to encourage patronage from their loyal clients.

Getting your products out there is one thing, getting customers is another huge task; however, retaining these customers can be an overweighing burden. The price usually is to spend more on advertising and present a market that describes the user’s needs in order to keep them.

The loyalty reward systems are plagued with so many inconsistencies that make it hard to efficiently get the best out of the program. Users oftentimes don’t redeem their rewards due to a number of reasons and constitute huge problems to loyalty reward providers.

BitRewards simply wants to make it easier for the loyalty providers and clients who use these services, by having an integrated API into the platforms of businesses who intend to use the service of a decentralized loyalty reward provider.

By using their tokens as the ultimate platform reward, they would ensure a fair and transparent reward system which is competitive with other centralized service providers. In the end, their aim is to provide a user-centric product that enhances user experience with the platform.

With quick easy steps, users shopping online can directly redeem their BIT tokens into their Ethereum wallet hassle free.

With over 61 BTC and 2420 ETH contributed so far, the BitRewards project is aiming at selling 1.28 billion BIT in the bid to raise a minimum of $3 million USD or $15 million USD from their crowdsale. The presale which began back in January will run through to the 31st of March 2018; while the main sale event will 1st of April 2018 lasting through till the end of the month.

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