bitJob review

The primary function of bitJob is to serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace offering short-term online jobs for students. The project also incorporates a cryptocurrency, known as bitJob STU Tokens, which along with traditional currencies will be a payment method used on the platform.

bitJob is powered by Ethereum blockchain technology. The platform itself is semi-decentralized, allowing for the acceptance of both centralized fiat money and decentralized crypto currencies, developed using Smart Contracts.

The ecosystem created within bitJob’s blockchain platform empowers networking whilst providing rewards, compensation and incentives. The founders of bitJob believe students will benefit in the following ways:

• Gain experience
By offering jobs related to a student’s field of study, it will provide valuable experience before graduation. This immediately enhances the resume which will make finding post-university employment easier.

• Extra income
Many students need to take on a part-time job of some description to cover the expense of studying. bitJob provides that opportunity blended with the essential experience to be gained aspect.

• Introduction to cryptocurrency
Learning how digital currencies work will serve to enrich the students knowledge and make the usage of such currencies commonplace among the next generation. Additionally, gaining an understanding of blockchains, which many predict to be the way forward, will be helpful in their futures.


Using the Ethereum blockchain network provides several key transparent features to the bitJob platform:

• Strong Identity Verification
The bitJob blockchain will hold data requested from the place of study to prove that the student is an actual legitimate entity. This means that the student ID number is traceable so potential employers can also check the public ledger.

• Reputation (Quality of Work)
The platform utilizes a rank system to highlight the quality of work provided by the student. The employer will vote on key areas such as overall standard, delivery and presentation. Then as a student’s reputation increases, he/she will be able to command higher fees for future jobs.

• Low Fees
By using Ethereum blockchain and the STU Tokens as a payment method, transaction fees through a decentralized cryptocurrency can be kept to a minimum.

bitJob has also created an affiliate program aimed at student unions on campus. The SU will receive commission each time a student of theirs completes a job. Additionally, revenue generation will come from small fees applied to both the provider (student) and the consumer (employer) using the platform.

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