Bitclave review

Bitclave is a decentralized search engine platform aimed at eliminating the middlemen involved in the online advertising industry and in turn creating a direct connection between customer and business.

On the Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE), customers control their identity – they choose what information to share, and who to share it with. Yet, most importantly, the customer gets ‘paid’ each time a business ‘uses’ their data to make them an offer.

Through Bitclave and the direct B2C relationship it offers, businesses will be able to specifically target consumers with special promotions and offers. The result should lead to better value for both parties.

The guiding principles behind Bitclave are to empower the customer and reward them appropriately for their data – something which standard online advertising agencies do not do. The founders list four key points to sum up the Bitclave project:

  • You earn, NOT them

Companies which sell online ad placements such as Facebook, Google and Amazon make millions of dollars using your data. This revenue is created by selling what they claim to be ‘targeted ads’ to businesses. However, although this is your data you are not compensated in any way.  In fact, due to the cost which a business pays for advertising, the customer potentially ends up paying more.

  • A cryptocurrency for all

Simply by sharing data, customers will be rewarded in the form on Bitclave’s own cryptocurrency – CAT. This can be traded like any other digital currency such as Ether and Bitcoin.

  • Private data

What you search for or click on is solely your own business – you are not being tracked. If a business wants access to your data (only data which you wish to share), then they must pay for it – and you get rewarded.

  • Don’t search – Find!

Only offers which you are genuinely interested in will appear – no more ads which have paid the most money simply to get number 1 ranking.


The Bitclave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) is possible due to blockchain technology. The blockchain will store and manage the vast amounts of data related to customer activities. These activities are created by software endpoints operated by either the customer or by the retailer interacting with the customer.

The blockchain also provides trustless anonymity in what Bitclave has called the ‘anonymous activity ledger’. This means only authorized parties can view the user’s activity. Businesses and retailers will become much more selective in their approach by choosing the best leads. Bitclave believes this creates a win-win solution and financially both parties will benefit.

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