Beeasy review

The Beeasy project provides two kinds of solutions to a vast number of mass adoption problems:

Crypto-Asset management system (which takes care of the investment part) and; mining processes (takes care of both cloud mining management and monitoring for optimal profiting).

Blockchain or cryptocurrency – the most popular of the two – is largely defined by computing mining processes, cryptographic algorithmic consensus, decentralized trading and peer-to-peer currency exchange, initial coin offerings and investments in tokenized assets.

These terms can be confusing on first-time encounter and can serve as a deterrent to many who would have been great investors and beneficiaries of this innovative technology – blockchain enterprise.

One of the tough entry barriers to cryptocurrency investments is the assumption that people ought to have special skill sets, whether it be trading or technical; this conceptual vagueness to most non-tech-savvy individuals makes them quickly turn away when approached with the concept of blockchain technology. To them, it’s hard to understand. This is something Beeasy intends to tackle as a real-world problem.

beeasy ICO

So what does Beeasy pride itself about?

Beeasy is a platform ready to offer user-centered plus user-friendly platform for unique experiences with cryptocurrency investments, trading, and mining activities through an interactive and intuitive design decentralized web interface. Their target is the bulk of the non-crypto enthusiast who is still skeptical and oblivious to the potential of blockchain investment opportunities.

They will accomplish this by first lowering the entry barriers so that anyone who is currently not adept with ‘cryptocurrency business’ can have access to the services of the blockchain industry at any skill level and still obtain the optimal satisfaction from their interaction with it.

As we did earlier, demystifying the blockchain is one thing that can help mainstream adoption gain substantial weight. People out there who are not currently involved or are passively active with cryptocurrencies are missing out on a huge opportunity to really make profits from the enterprise as a whole.

And this is what Beeasy is attempting to change – an all-in-one platform with a single access to the multiple varieties of the crypto investment world done through an easy, simple but still robust interface.

While they indeed what to step-down the level of sophistication, they are in no way trying to make it less interesting nor intriguing. They would also not water down the effect or potential of blockchain products. In fact, their products are meant to both enhance and facilitate further mass adoption.

As a rather ironic insight; blockchain market continues to grow despite the challenging circumstances. The problems limiting new participation continue to linger as people are rather pessimistic or indifferent about how things really work in the industry. This is because the only a few percentage of people who truly interact with blockchain features such as mining, and trading on exchanges are still confined to a few professionals.

Cryptocompany – an international group of companies – is the host of the project, they have an integrated system of blockchain activities. The Beeasy project is a simplified version of their front-end platform that will enhance the user experience, as a single sign-in function opens up doors of opportunities to a wide range of services and products offered by the platform.

Products will include a sub-mining tool to handle management processes involving multicurrency mining operations, a metatrading interface for professional trading and brokerage services.

It would seem their primary objective is to involve all investors category types and go beyond to achieve a global network of Beeasy community users.

What solutions do they provide?

Think about what you know so far about cryptocurrencies and how within a short period of time so much has changed within the ecosystem yet, the larger majority of the world population are still oblivious to the operational procedures within the ecosystem.

The more repulsive conclusion is that of some nay-sayers who still believe that blockchain tech and their associated derivatives are a pyramid scheme and holds no real-world value.

This to some extent has been proven wrong by classic blockchain products like Bitcoin, which is a store of value. Ethereum, which is a platform for facilitating decentralized applications and establish a trust-based system through smart contracts. Ripple coin, which facilitates global payments with frictionless experiences – trying to replace conventional banking system.

Monero provides anonymous money services with heightened privacy features and digital asset fungibility. Siacoin, which handles cloud storage on a decentralized global scale, whereby individuals can rent out their unused data storage spaces and get rewarded for doing so.

And there are much more out there with unique use cases that we could interact with. However, on a much more global-centric view, the greater percentage of people are grossly unskilled or unschooled about how these things work and how they can profit from this global economic revolution.

Not that Beeasy is trying to institute a school for such, to educate people on how to interact with the features of the blockchain. However, to spike the interest of many bystanders and indifferent spectators, helping to enhance the usability of these products can go a long way to improve their worth as financial instruments and also broaden use case demand.

So, yes the problem is a real one – and that is, use cases and infrastructural demand still suffer from mass adoption even if most projects are tackling real-world problems.

What if we could have one platform that helps the user interact with these features all in one place without having to toggle between too many pages or interfaces. – where all operations can be monitored, trading activities can also be watched and different trading algorithms can be implemented to bring about the most profitable outcome, and liquidity and fungibility is not an issue.
This is the solution being proposed by the Cryptocompany group of companies through the Beeasy platform.

With the easypool service, users can tap into a large opportunity of cloud mining service at best rates possible. Other services will include easydata, easytrade, easyfund and easycare. Each of these services is meant to provide a close to the familiar environment for users to profit from the ecosystem.

Of the number of blockchain products out there trying to achieve the same goals such as Playkey among others, not too many of them have the kind of vision Beeasy has; combining investment and mining all in one platform and with a user-centric approach.

Crowdsale analysis

In their whitepaper, they have explained the purpose of their ICO as to raise funds that will further aid in the development of the platform, to include the development of their mining equipment, also to strengthen their exchange infrastructure and expand their operation to accommodate the global market.
They will emit only 250,000 ETKN.

The crowdsale will be divided into two stages: the pre-ICO whose hard cap is set at $1.5 million USD equivalent of BTC. At the minimum, the project is expecting to raise only 120BTC/$500,000 USD to be able to move to the main sale event. The second phase of the crowdsale will have no soft cap and the hard cap is set at 3,200BTC from a sale of 80% of the total tokens to be emitted.

With the token sale event in sight, they intend to distribute the funds collected by allocating 20% of the received funds to the development of the mining equipment for their data center. 10% of the contributed amount will be used to open offices and stations for trade and exchange in Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and the united states.

Other funds requiring licensing and legal papers required for the operation in the states where the offices will be operational will take 15% of the budget. Future development and global marketing will have about 30% and 25% respectively.

Their Pre-ICO was scheduled to launch mid-October and end November 30th of 2017. While that of the main sale was scheduled to launch Q1 of 2018 (precisely February 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018).

For the token prices, early investors will receive a bonus of 50% at a base price of 1ETKN equivalent to 0.005BTC. However, during the main token sale event, 1ETKN will be sold for 0.02BTC, a double in the price from Pre-ICO sales.

The only bizarre thing about their crowdsale is that they will be doing a TGE on the Ethereum platform and are relating pricing of their token to BTC.

Their token is expected to have different functions but essentially as a utility token on the platform. But it can be used to buy cloud mining services and also has the advantage of discounts from fees and purchases for those who use their tokens.

Beeasy crowdsale


Their roadmap indicates that the whole concept had been put into motion since Q2 of 2017, and several mockups have been done during those periods. Assessing the roadmap shows that the development team is objective in their approach towards achieving their goals, dividing their activities into predevelopment stage, marketing and fundraising to facilitate the development of their product. However, their roadmap ends in 2020, with not much said other than further expansion projects to satisfy a 10 million user market size.

Beeasy roadmap

The Team

A team of 7 members and 4 advisors, heading the team (CEO), is Aleksandr Bespalov with over 15 years of investment banking experience to draw from, he is determined to take the lead on the project to achieve the said objectives.

Apart from their diversified financial experts, and a few techy guys, (not counting Aleksey Alekseev) – who has just 3 years of cryptocurrency mining not much of experience with blockchain technology is seen nor described on the team. So we could assume that they have sparse knowledge or experience with it.

For a project which promises this robust combination of mining operation of cryptocurrencies and investment and asset management, one would expect to see more blockchain experienced personnel on the team. But I guess with the presence of Evgeniy Koynov as an advisor on the team with 10 years’ wealth of experience to draw from should be an asset.

Beeasy ICO team


Their information media is poorly strategized. They have social media presence on telegram having only 48 members, twitter having 315 followers and Facebook with only 108 followers. The website is ok, and the information is stated in clear terms.

The white paper is a 20-page portable document that has well-structured thoughts and grammar layout as expected of a white paper. The white paper is supported by a presentation document that explains the whole concept in 14 pages. Although I don’t see the point, they should have done a one-pager instead.

One more thing to be observed, it would seem that their marketing strategy was limited to Russia, as the press release about the project was not only done by local internet media service centers. They could pick up the pace and do better with a project of this magnitude, they will need support from other regions that accept decentralized networks.


It would seem that the platform is indeed dependent on the Ethereum network’s smart contracts but currencies accepted are in BTC. Investing in this ICO can be profitable as the prospects look good as with other prospective ICOs with real-world use cases they address but should be done with due diligence and well-informed choices as no indication of escrows exists except for the smart contract, of which should work with Ethereum contribution channel only.

Pros and cons


  • There is a real problem to be tackled – mass adoption of blockchain features such as mining and cryptocurrency investment.
  • Simplified interface to suit all skill levels.
  • Low circulating supply of tokens usually have high chances of regulating total coin supply and eventually their worth goes up.


  • No sufficient diverse experience with blockchain technology.
  • The project scope is limited to Russian Federation.
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