B2Broker review

The B2Broker project is known as B2BX. The aim of the project is to create and develop an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for a range of institutional clients such as DMA and forex brokers, hedge funds and cryptocurrency exchanges. B2BX can then be used for marginal and stock trading, trading with physical delivery and supporting of liquidity at brokerage companies.

A key advantage B2Broker offers is that the B2BX platform is already operational. The company has been in existence for a few years now. The main services are being used. It has connectors to five large cryptocurrency exchanges with providing liquidity and there are clients already using the platform.

With B2BX uniting brokers, exchanges and other financial institutions on a single platform, B2B customers will have access to greater market depth. Additionally, retail customers can trade crypto currencies from their usual broker and/or exchange.

Furthermore, B2Broker will rate the brokers using its platform which will serve as a guarantee of reliability to customers whom are seeking such services.

The current problems within the cryptocurrency market that B2BX will solve are:

  • Regulation of the market (worldwide)
  • Poor liquidity

Compund integration between exchanges/services


The investment opportunity with B2Broker is through the purchase of B2BX tokens during the ICO. 80% (up to 40,000,000) of the tokens created with be distributed during this offering.

B2Broker is confident of the growth in value of its tokens for the following reasons:

  • At the completion of the ICO phase, free trade of B2BX tokens will be possible on all cryptocurrency exchanges which are integrated into the project’s platform (there are five of these already implemented and working). It will also be available to trade on several other major exchanges.
  • Once the ICO has finished, B2BX tokens can be traded through marginal liquidity from brokers receiving B2BX liquidity via the FIX API protocol.
  • The liquidity on the B2BX token is to be distributed through main aggregators (oneZero, Prime XM, Integral).
  • A percentage of the tokens awarded to the team are not permitted for trading on the secondary market for the first six months (from end of ICO). This should cover any risk of the token value decreasing.
  • Customers can purchase B2Broker’s products and services using B2BX tokens. As the token cost is fixed to a fiat currency, there is an opportunity to get more product/service for your money as value increases.
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