ATB Coin review

ATB stands for Alternative Technology Base. The ATB Coin is a decentralized, innovative cryptocurrency which uses ultramodern technologies specifically tailored to the requirements of its users, business owners and investors.

It is a POS (Proof of Stake) cryptocurrency. The POS algorithm is advanced so it does not use vast amounts of electricity. ATB Coin’s nodes are lightweight using simplified payment verification. The benefit of this is that it only requires the essential segment of the blockchain relevant to the node to be downloaded, unlike more classic methods.

ATB Coin promises unrivalled transaction processing times. With the use of Segregated Witness, each block is on average four times more efficient in comparison to a regular one. Additionally, ATB Coin creates new blocks every two and a half minutes – this is four-times quicker than a standard POW (Proof of Work) based cryptocurrency

Furthermore ATB Coin offers a selection of wallets compatible with iOS, desktop, Android and other web applications. The wallet is extremely lightweight, only requiring a small amount of computing space for installation. This makes it extremely practical for a wider range of users.

The decentralized nature of the ATB Coin cryptocurrency means it does not depend on banks or credit cards, so transaction fees at cut close to zero. An area where this is vital is in the micro-payments niche. Often, these small payments would end up costing the customer a lot more with the additional fees, now by using ATB Coin; they will be free of them.

The platform, as well as ATB Coin, has multiple uses. These are the main three:

  • Payment Gateway
  • Internal exchange from users own multicurrency wallet
  • Platform to buy or exchange ATB Coins


  • Segregated Witness

Using Segregated Witness, or as it is commonly referred to; SegWit, gives ATB Coin the ability to optimize transaction size. This means it is able to collect multiple transactions and put them in one block. SegWit has solved several inherent issues which early blockchains suffered from such as block overflow, network scalability, commission reduction and transaction speed. Therefore, users get a coin which actually increases the efficiency of blockchain without reducing the size of the block.

  • Lightning Network

With Lightning Network, users will benefit from increased transaction speeds plus commissions are reduced. It has a multi-signature mode which generates private keys using the ‘two out of two’ cryptographic scheme. With the requirement of two signatures, this is a standout feature for many business owners using the platform.

  • Cloud Mining

ATB Coin has introduced cloud mining as a way for users to invest their money. Traditional mining is very expensive, which generally means it is not open to individuals – cloud mining changes that. Here, users are a part of a group-based system of cryptocurrency clearing – this means no massive usage of electricity or any of the other costs which come with classic mining.

  • Smart Contracts

Utilizing smart contracts which are stored on a distributed ledger offers all users with protection as well as reliability. Knowing that these contracts are tamper proof once they have been established creates a bond of trust between all parties involved in the transaction.

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