Adshares review

The purpose of the Adshares Network is to provide a completely decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace for programmatic advertising. The Adshares Network operates on the Enterprise Service Chain (ESC) blockchain and it uses Adshares Tokens as the method of payment for ads.

Adshares aims to provide far greater transparency to the programmatic advertising industry, something which is lacking at this point in time. Furthermore, Adshares believes that there are too many intermediaries involved and this drives up the cost. By cutting out these middlemen, Adshares will dramatically reduce the costs for all participants in the marketplace. This then opens up the industry to SMEs which before were priced-out of the market due to the intermediary fees.


With the Adshares Network running on the ESC blockchain, its key strengths include:

• Single Currency
The use of a cryptocurrency as the payment method on the platform provides one currency for all. This removes the fluctuation in costs which arise when exchange rates change plus and there are no international banking charges to add on.

• No Middleman
The Adshares offers a platform for direct interaction between advertisers and publishers which will result in greater efficiency. It will also help build business relationships which would not have been possible with a middleman keeping the two parties apart.

• Censorship Resistant
Current leading ad-share companies such as Google Adsense have the ability to refuse ads which does not comply with its Terms of Use. The Adshares Network has no such restrictions so it will create a much more open and diverse marketplace.

• Adblocker Resistant
The distributed network provides all users with the ability to serve ads from their own server / domain with custom solutions. This will render ad-blocking software largely ineffective.

• Low Fees
Intermediaries, such as Google Adsense, take a 32% cut for their role in matching publishers with advertisers. Other cases have seen fees as high as 70%. The Adshares Network will charge a small fee but it will be far less than those mentioned. This will offer greater incentive to publishers to use this system.

• Reduced Fraud
All Accounts used for receiving and sending payments for ads on the blockchain are linked to domains. This repository of cryptographic keys can be used to authenticate events generated during an ad request and its delivery. This will greatly reduce surface attacks.

Additionally, Adshares uses a “display first, payment later” policy. This is an advantage to the advertisers because they are not made to bid blind in RTB auctions and, so can assess the true validity of impressions.

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