AdBank review

What is wrong with modern advertising? Firstly, it’s repetitive and all these companies do is basically follow a trend and take someone else’s idea, but tweak it a bit. Secondly, advertising is incredibly expensive for those that are wanting to list ads and get their product, service, or company out to the world. AdBank plans to solve a lot of these issues by redeveloping and redesigning the advertising industry as we know it by building it on top of the blockchain for starters.

What will this do?

This will allow everything to be open and transparent. This means that all of the frauds and fakes out there are about to be out of business. They are developing an AI Oracle for tracking ads and providing a means to make sure the advertisement and advertiser are not committing any crimes that are against the law and basic moral principles. By removing the agency or “middle-man”, AdBank is also able to cut down on fees which means that the advertisers will be able to pay less to advertise more.

This means more bang for your buck, mainly thanks to blockchain who helps take you right to the source. By using AdBank it also means that people that plan on selling their ad space via website or platform are able to profit more as well. It is a win-win situation. Those who loan out their ad space for rent will also not have to deal with the advertisers themselves. Less worries, less headaches, and more profit.

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